A Change in Leadership

iStock_000000564816SmallWhen Donna Otto and Ted Wueste founded the Spiritual Formation Society of Arizona in 2012, their heart was to lay a foundation for what they perceived to be a need for networking and connecting with those involved in the Spiritual Formation movement in Arizona. A few years later, that need is still clear and a foundation has been laid.

As we move into our third year, we want to share that there will be a shift in leadership for the Society. Donna and Ted have shared the Director duties as Co-Directors from day one. However, starting February 1, Ted took over the Director duties as Donna stepped aside from that role. Donna’s heart for spiritual direction takes much of her “spare” time in an already busy schedule and she desires to focus her attention there. In the next year, the leadership model will shift to having a team and having one director makes a lot of sense logistically. Donna will be a part of that team in role to be decided later and she will always be Co-Founder and an advisor for the Society!

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