Life with God for Leaders


Life with God (LWG) is a six semester spiritual formation curriculum. Produced by Grafted Life Ministries, LWG is curriculum crafted to help participants learn to listen to God and each other. Group time (once a week) consists of listening prayerfully to what God is doing in each other’s lives. Outside of the group time, participants listen to a teaching podcast, listen to Scripture and engage in a spiritual exercise. How each person interacted with God outside the group becomes the content of the group. A Life with God group will revolutionize the way you think about “being with other” and “abiding in Him.”

The first semester is Genesis of Relationship and looks at the foundations of our relationship with God in the first few chapters of the book of Genesis.

You can learn more at

This fall, SFSAZ Director Ted Wueste will lead a group of leaders through semester 1. The group will meet on Tuesdays, 11:30am-1:00pm at Bethany Bible Church. Dates: September 12- December 12.

Space will be limited. If you are interested, RSVP to and we will fill out the group on a first come, first served basis. <<<<THIS GROUP IS NOW FULL>>>>

Cost: $25 per person

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