Life with God Study – Fall 2017

LIFE WITH GOD –  Is a three year comprehensive curriculum of deepening intimacy with God and others, which starts with a 12-week online course beginning this fall.  The course is designed to introduce the program concepts and provide discernment if the entire program is for you. Consider the following:
​”Have you accepted Christ as Savior​ but struggle to know exactly what that relationship looks like or how to enter into it this side of eternity​? Scriptural images like abiding in Christ and praying without ceasing create longing within the soul but also seem remote and unattainable. ​Confusion causes many of us to settle short of the ​Abundate Life promised by Jesus.  

Life with God participants are guided by biblical teaching, the Holy Spirit, and a small group leader trained from within your community​ to explore concepts of: 

​-​how to be known and loved by God and others
​-​how to recognize and interact with the Holy Spirit every day
​-​how to risk vulnerability with the Body of Christ, surrounded by love and safety
​-​how to empathize and dignify people who are different
​-​how the power of the gospel is realized in loving, proactive, Spirit-filled relationships with all people

Life with God is flexibly designed to fit within the weekly routines of individuals and churches, requiring only one hour of time for ​an online ​community meeting and no more than two hours of ​personal study and reflection ​time during the week.

The first year of the curriculum is a comprehensive journey based on the Book of Genesis that eases people into deep intimacy with God and other Christians. The second and third years are elective studies in specific aspects of Christian maturity, such as dealing with our desires, knowing our vocation, and abiding with Christ.
​” (Adapted from the Grafted Life Ministries webpage)​
​If you are interested in learning more about the program and specifically about the 12-week online course please contact Kim de Beus at ​

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