Enneagram 101

On April 14, we’ll be offering a workshop on the Enneagram. Many are asking questions about this because it is new and different. If one peruses the internet, the Enneagram is described as everything from an occult practice to a great benefit for a follower of Christ. Discernment is needed.

A good friend, David Wu, who works with the Enneagram put this together and I believe it is very helpful:

Enneagram means “9 points” in Greek, as it contains 9 personality profiles. The Enneagram is an ancient tool that identifies one’s primary personality style with its particular challenges to Christian maturity. It distinguishes the traits of one’s true self (who we are created to be as bearers of Christ’s image) from one’s false self (who we want to be or want others to think we are), as well as describes the primary way one engages relationships. It offers ways one can cultivate healthy relational interaction with God and with others. You may be familiar with other diagnostic tools such as MMPI, Meyers/Briggs, DISC, etc. The Enneagram is quite distinct in its approach. It is a great help in counseling, spiritual direction, and even with organizational development.



Style 1: Good Person
Style 2: Loving Person
Style 3: Effective Person
Style 4: Original Person
Style 5: Wise Person
Style 6: Loyal Person
Style 7: Joyful Person
Style 8: Powerful Person
Style 9: Peaceful Person


Read this helpful article by Alice Fryling to learn more about the Enneagram. Originally published by Conversations Journal (used by permission).

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