Assessing Stress and Burnout

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If you are involved in ministry, taking care of your own spiritual health is vital! Yet, as a good friend of mine (Steve Macchia) likes to say, “The soul is most neglected part of the leader’s life.” It can feel selfish or perhaps its never been modeled, but taking care of one’s soul is a non-negotiable for fruitful ministry over the long haul.

The essence of self-care is nurturing and caring for one’s relationship with God in a holistic way … considering body, mind, and spirit. One of the job hazards of ministry is the stress that it brings to our lives. Rather than thinking we are immune, it is wise to assess and intentionally create the margin needed to deeply nurture our life in Christ.

Aside from being available for the long haul and managing the wear and tear that ministry can put on our lives, we were created for relationship with Him. Ministry is intended to be an overflow of our relationship with the Lord. When we put our calling to ministry ahead of our calling to relationship, we are living a disordered life.

Our goal for the Spiritual Formation Society is to create safe environments for growing in deepening intimacy with the Trinity … to give leaders and learners permission and space for self-care.

Check out some of the events we have coming up this fall for nurturing your relationship with God. Click here.

Want to assess where you are in terms of stress and burnout? Take the quiz found at Its a quiz designed for caregivers but you can substitute the words ministry and get the idea. As one involved in ministry, you are providing care for others! The same dynamics are at play.

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