What is Spiritual Direction?

Spiritual Direction is a spiritual discipline that has been around since the early days of the church. Here are answers to a few commonly asked questions and you might also check out the video below:

What, specifically, is Spiritual Direction? Spiritual Direction (SD) is the practice of prayerfully discerning how God is at work in our lives. Specifically, it involves exploring how He is working to shape and form us into the image of Christ through deepening intimacy with Himself.

SD provides the space to explore and deepen your relationship with God. SD is not counseling or coaching but learning, together, to be attentive to movement of the Spirit in one’s life.

What is a Spiritual Director? A Spiritual Director serves as a listener, a discerning guide who comes alongside another who is seeking to be attentive to God’s activity in their life.

What is addressed in Spiritual Direction? Put simply, whatever is going on in one’s life frames the time of listening and exploration. Understanding that God is always at work and nothing in our lives is an accident, the events and relationships of our lives and how we are interacting with them is often a starting point for a Spiritual Direction session. Questions, doubts, struggles, and desires are all relevant and welcomed. There are no thoughts, feelings, or perceptions about ourselves or God that can’t be brought to the table.

Spiritual Direction is a vital discipline for any follower of Jesus who desires to learn how to pay attention to God’s activity in their life. Specifically, leaders need Spiritual Direction in order to slow down and give attention to the Spirit’s presence and work in an age of significant distraction.

Click here to get to know our SFSAZ Spiritual Directors.


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