One of my favorite spiritual practices is silence, especially centering prayer. I am always thinking, and it’s so restful to regularly shut it off for a time when I let the jibber-jabber in my head just pass by me. I don’t always have a 20-minute session of centering prayer; nor do I always practice it twice a day. Instead of beating myself up, I try to remind myself of what a spiritual director told me once—it’s about the effort (not the perfection) of the practice. So, I set my timer for true quiet time with God where I can just listen and be. When my distracting thoughts come, I allow them to come and then leave again by gently reminding myself of my intention to simply be in God’s presence. Success is that I have practiced by choosing this time with God, not that the time has been spent perfectly focused on Him.

Christine Flower, Spiritual Director

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