Rhythm of Faith

On my spiritual journey, felt blessings, goodness and wholeness have been evident along with sufferings, sudden senses of vulnerability and brokenness. I cry out in physical pain, but I am also noticing how my soul cries out before God in lament with feelings of fear, doubt, anger and emotional pain as part of my rhythm of faith.

Biblical lament provides me with both a structure and a freedom to correct my view of faith. It is not a failure of faith, but rather a prayerful, honest act in faith! It’s like two hands clasped in prayer to ground me in Christ. My faith, on one hand, calms my fears, on the other. My doubt assures me of my devotion to God. Emotional pain and the unknown are held by hope of healing, leading me to trust and praise God in all circumstances.

I invite you to practice lament personally and in communion with others on your spiritual journey for your rhythm of faith.

Debby DeBernardi, Spiritual Director