It was the summer of 1974, Sharon and I were helping my parents move. We loved it! We moved together anticipating each other and sharing loving glances as we worked. It was a defining moment in our story. We were more than a young couple in love; we were a team. However, after seven years, we painfully learned that being a team was not enough. We needed time together without distraction. Every crevice of life overflowed with activity, but we missed the truth that healthy relationships require the rich soil of undistracted time together. Fortunately, Sharon and I heeded the warning signs. After forty years, we enjoy productive delightful ministry and intimate friendship which is rooted the rich soil of undistracted time together. We are best friends, as well as, team Hornbeck. Our friendship with God also needs undistracted time together, as well as, enjoying each other in the flow of life’s business. The Bible identifies this time as sabbath. Sabbath rests body, mind and spirit; but also provides the rich soil needed to develop a wholehearted relationship with God. In stillness and silence, we become present to ourselves and God. In relationships with others, we share the life of God. While a sabbath day is essential, sabbath moments refresh like a morning conversation over breakfast, or visiting about the day after dinner or before bed.

Roger Hornbeck, Pastor of Discipleship Pure Heart Church

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