Happy 7th Anniversary to the SFSAZ

On March 14, 2013, we held our first event. It was with current SFSAZ Board Member and all around amazing human, Tom Ashbrook. Tom shared about his book, Mansions of the Heart, and previewed a Spiritual Formation Discovery workshop that we would do that fall. It was a great morning.

Below – you will see 7 Highlights over 7 Years. Will take you a moment and pray a prayer of thanksgiving for each one? If you can’t do that right now, will you find a time when you can do that? Just a few moments in which we all collectively praise our God – that we get to be a part of what He is doing in this world! And then, we have a few other prayer requests you’ll see at the end of the highlights …

7 highlights over 7 years

Soul Care Days/Workshops/Collectives … we have had over 1000 people attend our workshops and soul care days over these years – just creating an environment where people feel safe to let go of their anxieties, rest, and explore has been wonderful.

Spiritual Formation Discoveries … our discoveries, in partnership with Imago Christi, lead people through a process of discovering the nature of their journey with Christ – looking at desire, where they’ve been, where they are, and where the Lord might be leading has been paradigm altering for so many! We’ve hosted 5 of these with almost 200 people and have another scheduled for this summer.

Retreats – Silent Retreats/Formational Retreats … our silent prayer retreats and now our formational retreats are one of the most sought after things we offer. For people to unplug and just “be” with Jesus has been a gift to so many. The Formational Retreats offer an opportunity to walk through a process of personal formation that points toward how we live in this world and with others.

Annual Conferences … we have seen over 100 people each year at our annual conference (almost 200 at our last conference) in which we get to bring in great speakers and leaders in the field of spiritual formation. A mix of instruction, challenge, personal reflection, and ministry application – these conference have been an encouragement. Our next one is February 5-6, 2021.

Be/Still ... our monthly night spent in communal contemplative prayer. Starting last summer, we began a monthly time at the chapel of Canaan in the Desert. Sharing in communal, quiet prayer has been a wonderful rhythm for so many in our community.

Spiritual Directors! A huge part of our vision from the beginning was to focus on supporting and nurturing spiritual directors. We have 25 spiritual directors on our website with a handful of others that we regularly encourage. We now have several spiritual direction programs in Arizona and are seeing more and more people trained. The requests for leaders to meet with spiritual directors has been growing with many of directors having full schedules. We are also in the process of developing coaches who can walk people through the Enneagram. Peer Supervision Groups for spiritual direction is a huge need and we currently have 6 groups that meet either in person or online.

… our Ministry Team/Board of Directors/Life with God Cohort. We often say that the bullseye of our target is leaders. Our vision is to create safe spaces for leaders and learners to grow in deepening intimacy with the Trinity. We are so honored to get to serve leaders and it is with an amazing group of leaders that we get to do that. Our Ministry Team is incredible – I don’t know of a more amazing, committed, willing team of volunteers. Our Board is a group of committed, prayerful, wise people who guide the big picture of the ministry. And, we are just completing a three year journey with a group of leaders called Life with God! What a privilege.

please also pray for …

You may have seen that we are postponing “in person” events for the next month. Pray for wisdom as we move forward and continue to be responsive in love to our health crisis as a nation and world. We are exploring some online gatherings and offerings – pray for wisdom.

Also, we are prayerfully trying to bolster our budget … especially in times like these – when there is uncertainty and the stock market is plunging (or whatever it is doing!), major gifts are not as available. We are praying to add 50 people who would give $100 (or more) per month to provide a steady income so that our ministry never has to be interrupted. We are trusting God. Thanks for praying and considering, if you are not already a part of things financially! Below is a button for giving to the SFSAZ.



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