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Spiritual Formation Discovery

June 23-25, 2020

Tuesday through Thursday, 8:00am – 5:00pm

This workshop will be held at a retreat center with overnight accommodations but there is also a commuter option.

COST: $420 (Single Occupancy) 
$370 (Double  Occupancy) 
$195 (Commuter, NO Occupancy)

LOCATION: Spirit of the Desert Retreat Center, Carefree, AZ


Discovering Your Spiritual Formation Journey

“The Spiritual Formation Discovery for Leaders” process is designed for Christians well into the process of Christian maturity. The 3 day Discovery contains modules that        facilitate personal discovery of the need for personal intentionality in spiritual formation. Including …

  • one’s own longing for deeper intimacy with God
  • where one is in the process of spiritual growth in the context of a spiritual formation paradigm based on Teresa of Avila’s Seven Mansions
  • insights into key ways the participant can cooperate with God in ongoing realization of their longing for deeper intimacy with the Trinity and its resulting spiritual growth

The process is called a “discovery,” as we believe that it is personal discovery, not just the imparting of information, which engenders true learning and behavior change. The Discovery is an experience of Christian community, modeling the kind of spiritually forming community so necessary to spiritual leaders who exist in the isolating society of our time.

Experience the Discovery Process

Join us to share these aspects of Discovery:

  • God’s Goal for your Formation
  • Biblical Foundations for Formation
  • Your Spiritual Timeline
  • Your View of God
  • Your Spiritual Longing
  • Spiritual Formation Paradigm
  • Paradigm Mapping Tool Blocks to Spiritual Growth
  • Living in Abiding Prayer Living in Community
  • Support for Your Journey
  • Your Spiritual Formation Plan

Affect Your World the Way Jesus Did

Whether or not God has given you a formal leadership position, He nevertheless calls you to disciple others into a deepening relationship with Jesus. Your ability to be a blessing to others directly relates to the degree of your personal transformation into the likeness of Jesus. What you pour into the lives of others comes from what God has done and is doing in your life. Therefore, God’s formative work in you equips your ministry to others. Personal intimacy with the Trinity, lived out in authentic community, is key to the process of spiritual formation. We can only lead where we have been; lasting change can only happen in a church when it has first happened in its leadership.

The Spiritual Formation Discovery is presented by Imago Christi an international and cross-cultural spiritual formation ministry of Church Resource Ministries (CRM).  Imago Christi develops spiritual formation resources and coaches Christian leaders around the world.     |     imagochristi.org