Event Pics

Collective: What is Spiritual Direction?, August 15, 2017

Collective: SF and Grief, Sept 20, 2016

Collective: Receiving the Love of God, April 2016

Annual Conference, January 2016

Soul Care Day for Leaders, November 5, 2015

IMG_3921 IMG_3918 IMG_3916 IMG_3915 IMG_3911

SF Discovery for Leaders, Sept/Oct 2015

IMG_3843 IMG_3856 IMG_3835

SF Collective: What is Christian Mysticism?, July 2015

unknown (2) IMG_3558 IMG_3556 IMG_3553

Jeannette Bakke: Spiritual Directors’ Continuing Ed., October 2014

IMG_2151  IMG_2153

John Coe: Foundations of Spiritual Formation, January 2014

photo (7)   photo (8)

SF Collective: Inner-Healing Prayer with Judie Childress, October 2013

collective october 2013 #3   collective october 2013 #1

Spiritual Formation Discovery, September 2013

disc 2013 #4   disc 2013 #3

Tom Ashbrook, Mansions of the Heart ~ March 2013

photo (4)  photo (3)

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