Assessing Stress and Burnout

If you are involved in ministry, taking care of your own spiritual health is vital! Yet, as a good friend of mine (Steve Macchia) likes to say, “The soul is most neglected part of the leader’s life.” It can feel selfish or perhaps its never been modeled, but taking care of one’s soul is a … Continue reading Assessing Stress and Burnout

Spiritual Formation Discovery, Oct. 2018

Discovering Your Spiritual Formation Journey “The Spiritual Formation Discovery for Leaders” process is designed for Christians well into the process of Christian maturity. The 3 day Discovery contains modules that facilitate personal discovery of the need for personal intentionality in spiritual formation. Including … one’s own longing for deeper intimacy with God where one is in the process of … Continue reading Spiritual Formation Discovery, Oct. 2018

Are You a Canal or a Reservoir?

by Dr. Ted Wueste Nine-hundred years ago, Bernard of Clairvaux wrote something so profound it still resonates today. He observed: “The man who is wise, therefore, will see his life as more like a reservoir than a canal. The canal simultaneously pours out what it receives; the reservoir retains the water till it is filled, … Continue reading Are You a Canal or a Reservoir?

Enneagram 101

On April 14, we’ll be offering a workshop on the Enneagram. Many are asking questions about this because it is new and different. If one peruses the internet, the Enneagram is described as everything from an occult practice to a great benefit for a follower of Christ. Discernment is needed. A good friend, David Wu, … Continue reading Enneagram 101

2018 Conference WORKSHOPS

Spiritual Formation Discovery Process                                         Bill O’Byrne Participants will get a taste of the Imago Christi Spiritual Formation “Discovery Process” which introduces a common language and practices of spiritual formation for a congregation and provides the basis … Continue reading 2018 Conference WORKSHOPS