Enneagram 101

On April 14, we’ll be offering a workshop on the Enneagram. Many are asking questions about this because it is new and different. If one peruses the internet, the Enneagram is described as everything from an occult practice to a great benefit for a follower of Christ. Discernment is needed. A good friend, David Wu, … Continue reading Enneagram 101

2018 Conference WORKSHOPS

Spiritual Formation Discovery Process                                         Bill O’Byrne Participants will get a taste of the Imago Christi Spiritual Formation “Discovery Process” which introduces a common language and practices of spiritual formation for a congregation and provides the basis … Continue reading 2018 Conference WORKSHOPS

Life with God Study – Fall 2017

LIFE WITH GOD –  Is a three year comprehensive curriculum of deepening intimacy with God and others, which starts with a 12-week online course beginning this fall.  The course is designed to introduce the program concepts and provide discernment if the entire program is for you. Consider the following:   ​”Have you accepted Christ as Savior​ but struggle … Continue reading Life with God Study – Fall 2017

Plenary Speaker Bios for 2018 Conference

Tom Ashbrook Tom Ashbrook has served as the co-founder and team leader for Church Resource Ministries’ (CRM) international spiritual formation ministry, The Order of Imago Christifor the past 15 years.  As a missionary with Imago Christi, Tom develops spiritual formation resources and coaches Christian leaders and churches to live and lead with a spiritual authority grounded in loving … Continue reading Plenary Speaker Bios for 2018 Conference

Life with God for Leaders

Life with God (LWG) is a six semester spiritual formation curriculum. Produced by Grafted Life Ministries, LWG is curriculum crafted to help participants learn to listen to God and each other. Group time (once a week) consists of listening prayerfully to what God is doing in each other’s lives. Outside of the group time, participants … Continue reading Life with God for Leaders