Intimacy & the Formation of our Souls AUDIO

On Saturday Sept 20, 2017, we hosted a Collective in which we looked at the topic of intimacy and vulnerability. What is intimacy? Why is it important? How is human intimacy related to intimacy with God? Give this audio a listen from Dr. Doug Kelley – Professor of Communication at Arizona State as he examines these questions and more. There are several sections in the audio in which questions are asked by the audience – be patient as Dr. Kelley usually responds in ways that make the question more clear. Below the audio file you will also find the handout that references much of what was discussed.

Intimacy and the Formation of Our Souls – Handout



Emotions & the Spiritual Journey AUDIO

On Tuesday June 20, we hosted an evening of examining emotions and the impact they have on our life with God. Designed by God, emotions are a valuable part of how we connect with God and navigate our world. Emotions are frequently misunderstood and often ignored. Click below on the link to hear listen along as Society Director Ted Wueste walks us through understanding emotions.

Power in Weakness VIDEO

On Wednesday March 15, 2017, we hosted an author event with Kyle Strobel and Jamin Goggin in which they shared about their new book, “The Way of the Dragon or the Way of the Lamb”. They walked us through the deep waters of thinking about meeting God in our weakness so that His power rests upon us.

Click here for video of the event.

Spiritual Formation and Grief

Audio of our most recent Collective presented by Travis Collins


Chart that explains the grief process – click here: grief_temptation-cycle
Notes/Worksheet on grief – click here: sfgrief-worksheet

SFSAZ 2016 Annual Conference

Adele Calhoun audio – Invitation to Participate in Your Own Healing (CLICK HERE)

Steve Macchia – Invitation to Intimacy (CLICK HERE)

What is Christian Mysticism?

July 25, 2015 with John DelHousaye and Ted Wueste

Audio of John Coe’s teaching

January 24, 2015. on “The State of One’s Heart” and “Praying from the Heart.” Click here for access to an online folder where you can either listen or download! Enjoy!!!!

Spiritual Director’s Continuing Education

Jeannette Bakke, October 2014.

Click here for Audio of Jeannette’s Sessions.

What is Spiritual Direction by Jeannette Bakke – presented to SFSAZ in October 2014.


John Coe paper on Moral Formation vs. Spiritual Formation. A helpful paper and the basis for our Collective with Dr. Coe in January 2014. Click here to access the paper. Click here to access a 5 part lectures series with audio and outlines.

Desert Direction is SFSAZ Co-Director Ted Wueste’s website. He blogs frequently and you can check out his blog here.