Get to know those who are a part of our network  who are involved in ministries including counseling and coaching.


Vickie Eaton

Vicki is passionate about collaborating with people who want to go on the journey of (1.) Discovering who they really are, how God designed them, and what their values, strengths, passion, and purpose are, and who want to find meaning in their life’s story; (2.) Becoming free of negative beliefs they developed about themselves, others, and God because of past trauma experiences, so they can live in greater alignment with God’s plans for their life; (3.) Learning to love themselves and others the way God loves them.

With a Masters in Social Work from the University of Illinois at Chicago, she has been a Christian therapist for 30 years, with specialties in working with people who struggle with anxiety, PTSD, or who are going through a major transition in their life. ( She also has a Masters in Religious Education from Southern Seminary and is a Board-Certified Life Coach, with a desire to help Christians embrace their truest identity as deeply loved children of God. Having been a pastor’s wife for many years, she also loves ministering to those in ministry. (

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Cristi A. Soiya

Cristi is an Arizona Licensed Professional Counselor &  Licensed Independent Substance Abuse Counselor in Scottsdale. She is a graduate of Ottawa University with a Master of Arts Degree in Professional Counseling. Cristi received a Bachelor of Science Degree in Psychology from Loyola University in Chicago-her hometown. Cristi is a Christian Counselor serving the needs of the community for individual, family, and couples counseling with children, teens, and adults.


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