FRIDAY workshops

True-Self/False-Self – David Wu How do we talk about True-Self and False-Self without getting swept up by our preoccupations with self-help and self-improvement? How much human effort is actually involved in dying to the old self, and becoming the persons God has created us to be? 

The Freedom of Indifference – Ted Wueste  In the letter to the Philippians, Paul shares that he has learned to be content in any situation. Sounds great but what does that look like … to truly be indifferent to circumstances? We’ll walk through that and look at some contemplative practices that can open space for indifference.

Surrendered Leadership – Matt Fogle In this workshop we’ll be exploring Jesus’ style of leadership and how we can align our souls with his relaxed, unhurried, and surrendered way of life. 

The Welcome Prayer – Maureen Alianza We will learn about the Christian history and application of the Welcoming Prayer as a way of connecting with God in the ordinary activities of our daily life and as a way of deepening our relationship with Him. Also, we will look at the unique benefit of Welcoming Prayer when used in moments and seasons of loss and confusion as an expression of lament. 

SATURDAY workshops

Leading a Contemplative Community – Joel Bidderman This workshop will focus on experiences, insights, and practical tips for nurturing contemplative communities that are light-weight and low-maintenance.

Cultivating a Listening Life – Sheli Sloterbeek Tending to a listening life, like tending to a garden, takes time and attentiveness. Join us for this workshop to take a look at the spaces to cultivate listening with God with others, ourselves and in nature and spend some time in practice. 

Inner Healing – Danny Mullins Unresolved emotional woundedness is often a significant obstacle to living our lives from a contemplative posture. Jesus provides healing for the emotional pain we knowingly or unknowingly carry within us and clears the way for a deeper union with God. In this workshop, we will explore what that path toward healing might look like. 

Contemplative Bible Study – John DelHousaye  This workshop introduces the Quadriga, a fourfold way of reading Scripture that developed from the monastic practice of Lectio Divina, allowing the mind and heart to be engaged as a preamble to contemplation. An example will be offered. 

Maureen Alianza

Joel Bidderman

John DelHousaye

Matt Fogle

Danny Mullins

Sheli Sloterbeek

David Wu

Ted Wueste