Putting things into words (your own words), leads to the openness and receptivity that is vital to life change and growing intimacy with God. Jesus often asked people, “what do you want me to do for you?” (Mark 10:36, 51) He knew exactly what they wanted. But, He knew that people need to put things in their own words if they are going to embrace and truly be open to transformation at the heart level. Giving voice to our desire opens us to what is going on in the depths of our lives. Sometimes, it clarifies our hearts, and at other times, it reveals our hearts.

With this in mind, journaling can be an important spiritual discipline for growth.

Each day, ask yourself a series of questions in order to grow in the awareness of what is going on in your life and open yourself to the influence of the Holy Spirit. Writing isn’t magical by itself but writing as a prayer with the awareness that you are in His presence is the key.

Each morning, start with the question: What do I want?
(you can answer generally or specific to the day) As you write, open your heart to the influence of God to affirm, shift, or expand what is in your awareness.

Each evening, ask yourself: How was God present with me today? How did I respond to His presence?(this is an important step in learning to be aware of His presence in your life)

Anytime you are experiencing afflictive or confusing emotions, ask: What I am thankful for? (make a list; ask God to bring things to your awareness)

Other questions to consider: What am I thinking? What am I feeling? Is there anything in my life that I am resisting? What question might God want me to ask myself?