Discerning Desire: What do I really want as I Lead and Serve?

A webinar with venture1:9 with Dr. Ted Wueste.

Leaders, oftentimes, are not fully aware of the desires of their OWN hearts, and unexamined desires can lead us to interact and guide people in ways that miss the mark.  Jesus often asked others, “What do you want?” So, what do YOU want as a leader and what are YOUR desires? We do what we desire, so this question must be answered. In this online class with Dr. Ted Wueste from The Spiritual Formation Society of Arizona, we’ll… – Prayerfully explore the nature and root of desire – Examine our own hearts and uncover what needs to be released – Learn how to release desires that are less than God’s best for us  – Absorb what it means to be self-aware and accepting of ourselves  – Walk away knowing how to lead more like Jesus, and more!

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