Resources for These Unique Days

These are unique days in which we live as the whole world is navigating a pandemic. Below are a list of articles that do a solid job of naming so much of what is going on in us and around us. Without much in the way of commentary, we offer these articles as potentially helpful guides along the journey of noticing and watching and then responding wisely.

In times stress, we often move into fight, flight, or freeze. Notice which of these might be how your body and mind are responding to the reality we are all facing. Take a few minutes to quiet your mind and heart, take several long, deep breaths, and ask God to show you what might be helpful. Please go slow and remember that your “life is hidden with Christ.” All of these articles are offered to help you see anything that might be distracting you from this core reality.

Lessons from the Monastery

Technology Overload


For Those in Leadership

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